1. CHECK for UPDATES: This app will be updated when existing courses are enhanced or when alternative paths are added.
2. PERFORMANCE and RESOLUTION: These may vary depending on your device. The larger your device viewing screen the 

    better the graphics. Slower run speeds will display smoother motion.
3. LOAD OPTION: Default setting requires player in Play mode, to load each gun separately. You may however select the Quick 

    Load option which will load both guns just by tapping the Load image.
4. MENU MUSIC: Player may select to view the Menu scene in Silent mode. 
5. SPEED SETTING: Note that very high running speeds may cause missed targets. 
6. EARLY WEAPON FIRING: Caution: Targets may not burst if distance to target exceeds max limit.

7. BULLETS for PLAY MODE: Bullets are available for purchase using the "Buy" button. Bullets purchased are added to the bullet cache. Bullets loaded into your guns, are subtracted from your remaining total only after you click the Start button in play mode.

Tips & Tricks

General Notes

1. Play mode requires that you load both guns, else you will be firing an empty cylinder.

    Draw gun 1, then load (listen for loading sound). Holster gun 1.

    Draw gun 2, then load. Holster gun 2.

    Draw gun 1, then tap the Start button.

    For faster loading, go to the Settings scene and select the Quick Load option.

2. Wait on your targets. Firing too soon will cause you to miss the target.

    If you miss too many balloons, try again at a reduced speed setting.

3. Firing on the targets, requires that you tap the screen with your finger directly on the balloon when it comes into alignment with the gun. Tapping anywhere else is a sure miss. You must tap on the balloon. Version 1.0 has a bug that prevents balloons #3 and #8 to not be destroyed when being fired upon. This is fixed in version 1.0.2 (release in mid July 2015).

Mounted Shooting Course Guide